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Facebook Media Buying

Did you know that authors regularly use display ads and PPC campaigns to determine the titles / taglines of the books they are writing? The ads with the highest engagement are usually winning book titles. Pretty cool, eh?

When it comes to Facebook ads there is a lot of competition, but A LOT of opportunity. You can have the right adsets, copy, landing page etc, but if the targeting is even slightly off, you won't make money. Facebook media buying is like opening a tumbler lock — once all of the tumblers are lined up properly (ie. the image, copy, targeting, lander) you can turn the key for profit.

I specialize in customer acquisition using Facebook and would love to strategize how you could be improving the traffic leading to your funnel.

eCommerce Funnel Development

So you've got the product — how do you sell it? Listing it on Shopify and just hoping for the best used to work, but if you want to drive millions of dollars in sales and see customer values in the thousands, you'll need a pretty stellar funnel.

I've worked with a handful of companies in the health, survival, sports and fresh food niches to create amazing user environments that nurture relationships and turn those relationships into valuable customers.

I'd love to hear about your product and strategize about how I could help you build out the ecosystem that will get thousands of people around the world excited about it.